Final Episode of U-Kiss’ Vampire Eng Subbed!

23 Apr

It’s the last episode of the U-kiss’ Vampire, a show about the psychological difference in mentality and actions between blood types in many types of different environments. Dongho is Type B, Soohyun and Kiseop are Type A, while Kevin, Kibum, Eli, and Xander are all Type O’s. In this episode, they go to the zoo and become zoo trainers for a day! They split into two different teams, one going to the reptile room and one going to the farm animals/tiger room.

Part 1:

Kiseop and Kevin are so cute at the last part when they’re freaking out^^

Part 2:

In this part there’s a certain snake that seems to be attached to Kiseop…xD

Part  3:

Training tigers time!

Credits: Thanks to ukissmusicbox@yt for the videos and subs!


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