You’re Beautiful Ep. 16 Spoilers/Summary

27 Nov

T_T It’s the last episode of you’re beautiful…really hoping there would be a Season 2.

Anyways, here’s the episode recap by Cecilia @soompi

ok so the ep starts with TK at hong dae looking for MN. MN stops to look at a window display with stars. She bumps into someone and turns, at this moment, TK who is surrounded by screaming fan sees her and they stare at each other. MN bows and greets him but the next thing he knows, MN has disappeared. Meanwhile as MN is walking along, she bumps into manager ma who has also walked into the area after hearing the news that MN is around. The two sit down at a cafe and Manager ma says that GMN is at the countryside participating in some show at the moment. That they’ve been really busy lately. MN reveals that she will be going to africa shortly to do some volunteer work and that she’s been keeping track of them via TV and internet. Manager ma remarks how that he might never see her again.

Meanwhile TK who hasnt been able to spot MN has returned to the company by himself and sees president Ahn and Wang coordi. TK says he’s come back by himself and asks if they’ve seen GMN. President Ahn asks wang coordi to ring manager ma coz GMN should be with manager ma. TK sits by himself in the studio and tries to analyse the situation. at first he thinks maybe MN dint see him but then he disposes that thought coz he saw MN actually greeting him. Then he thinks maybe she’s decided that she will become a nun again but then remembers taht MN said that she’s given that up already. Then he thinks of another scenario which i cant remember TT Then he thinks maybe she’s decided that she’s just going to become a fan but then thinks that’s wrong coz if she wanted to be just a fan, then at least she would go up to him to ask for an autogrpah. He thinks i’ve been waiting all this time for her, have I been dumped?

After, manager ma gets a call from wang coordi. President Ahn has heard from someone that GMN has been seen at Jinsoo (some country area). it turns out that manager ma has sent GMN to do some show without president ahn knowing (so that he can pocket some money from the show) and president ahn gets suspicious. So president ahn asks wang coordi if there’s a schedule that he doesnt know about. Wang coordi says of course not and presidnet ahn asks for manager ma to bring GMN in front of him in 10 minutes. Manager ma doesnt know what to do and begs MN to help him to become GMN just for a bit, just to greet president Ahn and that would be all. MN refuses to and manager ma gets onto his knees to beg her. He says that he’s got a baby coming and that doing this was because he need to save up money for the baby, MN asks what baby? Manager ma said that the mother is wang coordi and that last time at okinawa they got together LOL. So MN dresses up as GMN and is brought to president Ahn. President Ahn believes that it’s GMN but then Jeremy shows up and yells out to MN and asks where his sister is? Manager drags him away. Then SW shows up and says that he has something to say to GMN. Wang coordi drags him away and MN walks off. Meanwhile TK is standing on the balcony and thinking to himself, an coming down to a conclusion that he’s been dumped by MN. At this moment, MN walks in. She’s been trying to only look at him far away but somehow he’s ended up in front of her. She turns around to leave but TK calls out to her. He sees her back so doesnt know it’s her. He asks GMN to tell MN that he’s doing really well , that he’s ok. He’s like make sure u tell her. Then he walks off. MN turns around after and says, it’s fortunate taht you are doing well and she thnks taht he’s ok now.

MN walks back, talking to manager ma. Manager ma says i’ll drive you back but MN says she can go by herslef. Then president ahn comes out and drags MN away. It turns out that he’s taking her to see HY. wth apparently GMN likes HY and even asked president ahn to get HY out so that he can see her. Manager ma tells MN not to look at HY or say anything to her or she might konw that it’s not the real GMN. MN sits down and finds out that GMN has been telling HY how much he likes her and told her that he was going to confess to HY at their concert as well. HY is like i told u no already. Then she is curious whether TK has had any reaction to GMN trying to chase HY.

TK is alone and wondering whether GMN has already told MN what he said. Because he realises that if MN hears what he said then MN would think that he was ok now and would seem to have ended all his feelings. Manager ma finds out that TK, jeremy and SW were coming as well. So he tells MN taht she has to get drunk and lose her consciousness so that she wont be discovered. MN has one shot and gets drunk, falling unconscious. TK, SW and jeremy arrive and jeremy is trying to wake her up but cant. President ahn comments on how GMN doesnt usually get drunk this easily, maybe it’s coz he’s nervous. He tells the guys to sit down and have a drink, it’s been a long tiem since they have gathered together like this. HY gets up and puts MN’s head on her lap and pretends taht she really cares about GMN (all for show for TK lol). Later manager ma leans MN against the wall and covers her with a jacket. TK asks manager ma whether GMN has said anything about MN or whether he’s seen GMN making a phone call. SW notices taht sth is wrong already with ‘GMN’. manager ma gets a call from GMN and gets up to take the call outside. MN falls onto TK’s lap and at first TK wants to push her away then realises that something was different. He looks at MN’s face and holds her hand and recalls how her hand felt like and he knows it’s MN. He says that GMN seems to be very drunk, i’ll take him home first.

SW looks at TK taking MN away. manager ma gets back and finds MN gone. SW says taht TK has taken MN home first and that it shoudl be ok coz noone noticed. Manager ma is like whew then hes like how do you know that it was MN?

TK and MN are in the car which is parked outside the home. MN slowly wakes up and asks for manager ma. She opens her eyes and sees TK. She panics and leans towards the door. Then she says let me out. but she’s struggling coz she hadnt unfastened her seatbelt yet. TK unfastens the seatbelt for her and tells her taht they’re home. He comments that she’s really drunk. TK gets out and MN gets out after him. MN’s stomach is churning and she rushes to go to the bathroom. Afterwards, she sees TK drinking water and goes to the fridge to get water. She leaves the fridge door open and just stands there coz she doesnt know what to do. TK says if ur not thinking of going into the fridge then close the door. MN closes the door. TK makes her a hot drink to wake her up. He holds up his hand and asks, what’s this? MN answers, there’s 5. TK says the correct answer is a palm. MN asks do you know already? (that she is MN and not GMN) TK says do you think that i wouldnt know? MN explains that she’s covering up with GMN for jsut a short while.(I kinda lost concentration here then sleep.gif) The main point of what MN said here is that she is fine watching him from afar but when she comes close up to the star, it is so bright that it hurts to look at it. She falls unconscious again on the table. TK says to the sleeping MN that he waited so that he could grab onto her but now because she said that, he cant grab onto her anymore. He wipes the tears from her face. He asks manager ma to take MN home. Manager ma is like if you send her away now you might never see her again beause she’s going to africa. But TK is unmoved. Manager ma drives MN home. During the trip, MN wakes up. Manager ma gives her tickets for the A.N.Jell concert and says that she needs to see her brother’s performance before going. MN however says that the concert si on the same day that she’s leaving and that she dosent know what time her flight is or sth.

TK takes the pig rabbit doll from his room and says to it, now that i am ended my feelings i have to get rid of you as well. As he walks throug the house, he remembers trying to unglue MN’s fingers and then in the piano room when they sang together and give her a kiss on her hand. (OMFG I SCREAMD HERE! i’m so happy they put this cut scene back into here!!!) Then he finally takes the pig rabbit to the present room and says that there was a one and only pig rabbit who appeared in front of me and now there is goign to be no more.

Next day, MN is sitting on the bench outside and one of the kids she’s been teaching comes up to her. The kid has colleted another picture of a star to give to her. The kid says sth about how the moon is a star but Mn corrects her and says that the moon is not a star. The kid says are there stars only at night, what baout during the day? MN says that the sun is a star

MN meets with her aunt. Her aunt says there are so many ppl who want to see her – jeremy and SW ask her about MN everyday. And that there is one more person who wants to see her but she’s not sure whether she should ask. Turns out MHR wants to see MN. MN goes to meet MHR and MHR says that she thought she wasnt goign to meet her. MHR wanted to see MN to give her a cd of MN’s mother’s songs taht she tried very hard to get hold of. That at least MN would be able to hear her mother’s voice. MHR confesses that GJH never even once wavered to leave her mother for MHR. MN says thank you for saying taht but taht is what she had always believed. MHR says taht her mother would have known as well, tha GJH had loved her and not MHR. MN says that it’s fortunate she could hear those words from MHR before she left. MHR asks if she must leave because if she does then TK might never talk to her again. MHR says that nowadays TK ignores her totally and that taht has never happened before. MHR apologises to MN and hopes that if MN forgives her then TK woul not ignore her anymore. Then she asks if MN can ask TK for her to forgive her. MN tells MHR to do it herself, that TK has always missed MHR.

On the concert day, TK is walking with jeremy and jeremy asks sth about the pig rabbit (cant remember) and TK says that there is going to be no such thing anymore because he’s ended everything. Jeremy finds out that TK has not told MN that he had been waiting for her. Jeremy gets really angry and says waiting and not telling her is the same as not waiting at all, you stupid idiot!! (omg how come even jeremy can understand this reasoning but TK cant???) Jeremy storms off. In the dressing room, TK tells SW that he’s ended everything because MN said that she is still hurting when she sees him up close. SW gets angry too, have you ever tried to grab onto her? SW says taht because he tried everything, in the end he was able to let her go. But TK hasnt even tried and SW says fine, just continue to sit there alone in ur world (sth along those lines cant remember). TK sees HY outside and also tells HY that everything is ended. HY uses what TK said to her earlier back to him and says that he’s lying. That he’s not embarrassed he’s lying but that he will be later when he’s telling the truth. Tk keeps walking and sees president ahn with MHR. MHR talks to TK alone and MHR says to TK that she came to ask for his forgiveness. She says she konws taht TK might not accept it but she owuld say it anyway. She says Sorry, Tae Kyung. TK is surprised taht MHR really came to apologise and asks why she’s suddenly like that. MHR says taht she talked to MN who told her to come ask for his forgiveness herself. She knows taht TK wont recognise her as a mother and taht she might not have the right to say such a thing but she says to TK that she hopes TK wont regret about losing the person he loves. That he should grab onto the one he loves because abandoning, letting go of the one he loves is not real love. TK says i cant say taht i’ve forgiven you now, and i will hear u say it later then calls her mother before he leaves. As TK is walking along, he thinks of what everyone has been saying to him and goes to ask manager ma where MN is. Manager ma announces to everyone else that TK has gone to pick up his lover.

TK goes to the school/church that MN has been living at and asks the kids inside where gemma is. The kids say taht gemma is not here. The kid shows TK the star photos and TK sees that there are stars all over the room. He recalls how MN told him before taht even if she was far away, she would look for stars while thinkign about him. TK is touched. The kid says taht gemma told them though that the coolest star though was somewhere else and taht gemma had gone t see the star today.

TK rushes back tot eh concert venue. He rushes onto the stage to look into the audience but doesnt see MN. He goes back backstage and tells everyone that MN has come and is somewhere amongst the audience. TK says i will start first. He goes on and sings “what should i do?; As the song is ending, MN starts to leave and TK says “You’re listening arent you? Please be in a place where i can see you, dont be at a place where i cant see you. I give permission for you to appear in front of me (coz he said before he doesnt want to see her). ” MN is touched and turns around and starts walking toward the stage. SW at the back tells them to turn the lights on. The lights go on and TK looks around and spots MN. He goes off the stage and walks towards MN. He walks up to in front of her and hugs her tightly. He says I’m going to tell you everyday but listen carefully, I love you.” (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHh)

on the balcony…. TK asks does she really have to go to africa? MN says she will go and come back. TK comments on how the way she talks is not as respectful as she used to be. TK suddenly pretends to pick a star from the sky and gives it to MN. He opens his palm and we see the star necklace. He gives it to MN. MN is excited coz it’s a star. TK wants to take it back but MN refuses to. TK points to another direction and says look there’s a star and while MN looks he pulls her towards him.

Credits go to Cecilia @soompi


2 Responses to “You’re Beautiful Ep. 16 Spoilers/Summary”

  1. taylor December 2, 2009 at 6:39 pm #

    thank you for the summary
    it’s so accurate and detailed.
    and so long~~ ^^

    i’m so happy that MN and TK could be together.


  2. Esther July 12, 2010 at 5:06 am #

    Hi, i was wondering if you have the synopsis for episode 16 in Korean? i want the type out of the actual phrase that TK said to MN after he finishes singing in Korean. “You’re listening aren’t you? Please be in a place where i can see you, don’t be at a place where i can’t see you. I give permission for you to appear in front of me. ” could you tell me where i can find it please? thank you!

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