You’re Beautiful Ep. 15 Summary/ Spoilers

25 Nov

Here’s a summary/ spoilers of you’re beautiful ep. 15. Keep on reading if you want to know what happened…if you don’t wanna know, stop now. XD


MN sits by herself and cries while SW looks on at her shadow.. MN says to herself…that it is because of TK’s mother that her mother was abandoned… and that from now she wont be able to see her star..TK is also sitting in the dark, he says “It’s too dark, i cant see anything. That’s it, I’ll just pretend it’s too dark so i wont see anything”

SW suggests to manager Ma that he thinks it’s a better idea to send MN to somewhere far away in advance because reporter kim wants an interview with mi nyeo and mi nam together. manager ma remembers that there was an autogrpah session in japan which they had rejected before. So he quickly arranges for them to take it up. SW says plz arrange it so that we can leave as soon as possible. SW tells TK and TK says he will go to Japan after them. SW says then we will take MN with us then. Manager ma is with MN in her room packing to go to japan and Manager tells her to think of it as a last trip as ANJell. He tells her taht she doesnt have to pack everything in one go though, that she can come back later and do it, it’s not like she cant come back anymore. MN says no, she wants to pack it all now. Afterwards, she walks out of her room with her luggage and bumps into TK. She says i’m going and TK walks off. SW comes to help her with her luggage

Reporter kim confronts HY about MN and asks if MN is a girl. He asks her whether jeremy, SW and TK all know as well? HY keeps saying she doesnt konw anything, that if he is curious, he can go and ask them himself. But the reporter doesnt give up, he says that it’s not go mi nam he cares about, he wants to go after the big names, HY, TK, SW etc and that HY is not going to be able to get out of it. He keeps interogating her then HY suddenly faints. Someone else sees and gets help. Reporter kim knows that HY is probably faking it so he talks to her (cant remember what he said already). HY nods while still pretending to be unconscious.

HY goes to look for TK and asks TK if he would like to go to XX (couldnt catch the place, just know it’s overseas) with her and TK says do u think i would go with you? HY says that if ppl really think we are together, then even if they find out MN is a girl then nothing will happen to you. TK says the real go mi nam is coming back soon so you dont need to worry. And while we’re at it, let’s end our relationship. Since you said you wanted to end it yourself, decide how you want to end it and just let me know. He starts to walk away and HY yells at him, how can you not know at all what i’m really thinking. TK says it’s coz you’re not even embarrassed about lying (or sth like that). HY cries and says to herself, do you know how scary my fans are (like if she said that he broke up with her or sth)

MHR is talking to president Ahn, she likes how the remake sounds and thinks that it sounds sophiscated and trendy. President Ahn comments that he heard how this song was originally made for someone else, a newcomer and not MHR. MHR gets very sensitive and angry and gets up and denies that. She says that it is her song. The other guy there says but i heard from Mr kim (that other singer TK talk to about GJH before) the song was made for someone else. MHR anyway says that i havent thanked TK about this song yet, where is he. She goes to find him in the studio and says to TK that that night she was very drunk, that she didnt intend for it to happen that way. TK asks MHR if MN knows about her mother and who she is. MHR says that she doesnt think MN wants to hear about her mother from her. Before she leaves tho, TK stops her and asks MHR who MN’s mother was. That MN knows nothing about her mother and that at least she should know a name. TK gets a photo and a name , Lee shin soo (i think)

MHR goes to find singer Mr Kim and confronts him about what she’s heard. She said taht the song was made for her. At first mr kim is still calm and says that he remembers GJH telling him that the song was made for the woman he loved. But then he gets irritated and says, look, the song was made for the woman he loved who had misunderstood the relationship between you and him, for her to come back to him. But you snatched the song and made it your own. He leaves irritated.

Jeremy, SW, MN, manager ma and wang coordi arrive in japan first. Because there is no schedule on the first day they have free time. Reporter kim has followed them along to japan hoping to get some evidence. Jeremy asks SW if something has happened between MN and TK and SW says let’s jsut pretend we dont know anything. Manager ma and wang coordi are in the pool, relaxing. Wang coordi comments that TK is not a very good person to marry and manager ma was like that’s why i was so shocked when i found out. Wang coordi says, women like to marry ppl like jeremy, interesting and fun. Manager ma says, even though it’s a bit late, should i try to set them up? Then they imagine a scene where jeremy and MN are sitting by the piano and singing a song. After the song, Mn gives jeremy a kiss and they squeeze each other cheeks while saying “you’re cute”. Snapping back to reality, manager mays but that is so immature. Wang coordi says then SW would be a good choice as well, smooth and romantic. They imagine MN lying down reading a book and SW making her coffee then them kissing and MN telling SW not to make anyone else coffee. Manager thinks that’s too mushy but wang coordi thinks it’s romantic. Then they imagine what would happen with TK and MN. They imagine that TK and MN are at the church about to get married and TK says know that it’s an honour for you to marry me. MN says thanks alot, hyung nim then she asks him, from now on what should i call you? Hubby? Dear? TK is like i’m the one to decide, dont step into it. He storms outside and MN follows and says what type of wedding is this, i’m not getting married. TK says good, you’re out, then walks off. MN chases after him. Wang coordi and manager ma are sitting in the spa pool together and things get a bit hot… LOL XD

MN, SW and jeremy are at the beach. Mn says that it’s her first time to see the sea up close with her own eyes. She says taht the ocean seems big and far away. (cant remmeber exactly what was said) Jeremy says sth like that even though it’s far away, liek the bus it will go back to its original spot. MN says but since it’s so big, it will take a long time (argh not reall making sense btu when i watched it it really made sense lol). MN walks towards the water and SW grabs her arm and tells her not to go. MN asks him not to grab onto her anymore…. that she wants to wet her feet coz it’s her first time at the sea. reporter kim looks on.

MN is in her room and she is trying to learn some phrases in japanese. She has planned to stay in japan for now and is wondering if the amount of japanese she knows and the money she has would be adequate. She gets a call from SW to meet up.

TK has arrived at the hotel in japan and sees manager ma, he asks him where MN is and manager ma says, she’s around somewhere. TK goes off to find MN. Manager ma thinks that TK and MN had a fight but that TK has come and straight away looked for MN to make up with her. So he plans another event.

MN goes to meet SW at the church (at the hotel). SW says to MN you can see my expression and everything well here. MN says that he can also see her clearly too. SW asks do you know ehn i first found out you were a girl? MN says wasnt it at the MV screening? SW says do you remember the story i made up about me and you? Do you remember when i first met her? MN recalls the story and realises that SW knew of her identity back there at the rooftop. SW then says do you remember the story i told you of a person in an organisation who had a secret to keep from everyone else and that someone else helped her out behind her back? He reveals taht it was his story, that he knew from long time ago and that all this time he has been watching over her, that that day at the restaurant when he was goign to show her the girl he liked, that the girl he liked was her. SW says I’ve been watching over you and i will continue to watch over you, so dont hide away where i cant see you, look at me. TK in the meantime has found them and looks on in from outside. SW sees him and hugs MN. TK glares at them then goes away. After awhile, MN tells SW to let go of her. She thanks him for watching and helping her all this time but says taht she doesnt want to continue in this way, to cause him more pain. She leaves and SW says to himself crying, that there is nothing left for him to grab onto.

TK uses the reception desk phone to ring manager ma and asks him to give something important to MN. Manager ma tells TK to come find him and TK asks where are you? Wang coordi gets MN and tells her that TK is here and was looking for her. TK goes to the aquarium to wait for manager ma but mN shows up. MN says to TK, i heard that you were looking for me. TK says yes i was, i have something to give to you. MN says i will get that thing from you quickly and go. TK says what’s the rush, you’re busy? is someone waiting for you? MN says it’s coz you said that you dont want to see me, so i’ll go out of your sight asap. TK says geez you’re worrying about me, you dont have to think about me, if you have time, have a look around here, there’s alot of fish here. MN doesnt say anything and TK says, didnt you say you were going to go then? MN says dont you have something to give to me? TK snaps back to reality (haha he’s being jealous in the midst of all this) and gives MN an envelope. Mn takes out the photo and TK tells her that the photo is of her mother and tells her her name. MN cant control her emotions and starts crying… so you’re syaing this is my mother? And her name is xxx
TK gives MN the remake of the song to listen to. Mn asks if TK found out about this from MHR and TK says why dont u go and ask her yourself, since you should be getting along with her. MN says how can I get along with her? Because of her, my mother was abandoned by my father and she left, give birth to us alone and died. I’m sorry that before you looked too sad, i couldnt tell you that i knew MHR was your mother. Because of the situation, i couldnt tell you that the song u were remaking was my father’s. I’m sorry. She comments on how TK only thinks about his own pain but does not see hers. That he must have felt alot of pain being abandoned. She says that she knows TK feels pain when he sees her but that it is also hard for her to look at him. That from now on, they are not going to be around each other to look at each other in pain coz she’s going to be far away. Then she leaves

Next day, the 4 of them are at the autogrpah session. Afterwards, MN and jeremy are in a shop looking at glassware. MN takes out her polaroid camera and asks Jeremy if she can take a photo of him and jeremy says that it costs money to ask him to be a model. Jeremy asks should i give you a cute pose, or a sexy one or a wild one? While he is deciding, MN takes a photo. She says that she likes the usual jeremy as he is the most. As jeremy walks off looking at something else, MN says in her mind, thank you for always making me laugh

Next at a cafe, Mn is looking at SW who is sitting by himself staring off into space. She orders a coffee and brings it over to SW. She says that SW has comforted her warmly all this time. SW picks up the coffee and comments that it’s warm. MN asks if he’s ok and SW says that he’s been rejected by her so many times hes ok. He asys let’s eat the cake together (it’s a relief to see the atmosphere between the 2 finally relax a bit)

At the airport, we find out that MN is going to stay in japan and manager ma says that’s a good idea to stay away from everything for a bit, one week, 2 weeks before everything is settled in korea.
TK meanwhile goes back to korea first by himself. He bumps into MHR and president Ahn at the company. President ahn tells him that they are going to record the song now and asks if he wants to come. TK says i’m not going and walks off. He then bumps into the other guy who went with him to meet up the singer Mr kim before. He tells TK that coz of MHR he just got told off by Mr Kim. That MHR wanted to get back with GJH but GJH’s lover had misunderstood that and left him instead. That the song was snatched by MHR and made hers. TK storms off to the recording studeio where MHR is. He is angry and talks to her through the mic, he says the song was not yours right? He didnt love you, it’s all a lie. MHR starts crying and TK leaves.

TK goes to the airport. Meanwhile SW, jeremy and the rest have arrived back in korea. the real MN is lying on a bench waiting. Ppll recognise him as go mi nam. Manager ma gets a call from MN that he’s here. HY is at the airport as well (think she’s leaving oversase for that thing that she asked TK to go with her before). She sees that TK is at the airport and knows that MN and the rest, together with reporter kim should be arriving back about now. She goes up the escalator and wants to run away from them. But then she pauses and decides that she has to help TK and goes back down. So manager ma and jeremy + SW come out. manager ma spots the real MN (GMN for short from now) and yells out “Mi nam ah!” The reporter sees and walks towards GMN faster than manager ma. TK and HY are also in the vicinity and turn and walk towards GMN. reporter kim walks ahead of everyone and pulls the hood and jacket off GMN and says, go mi nam, you’re a girl! But since it’s the real GMN, it’s a guy of course. GMN looks at reporter kim and says, who the hell are you? reporter kim is shocked that it’s really a guy. HY comes over and says, reporter kim asked me if you were a girl, how funny huh? manager ma says, ah it’s because they are twins, that’s why you’re confused and drags him away. GMN extends his hand and says, nice to meet you in a very cool way. Jeremy says you guys look the same and SW says but the atmosphere is totally different. TK asks SW where MN is and they tell him taht MN is staying in japan.

Next we see MN in japan dragging along her suitcase. She says i should have caught a taxi, didnt konw it was this far. SHe sees a taxi and flags it down. The taxi stops and out comes TK. They face each other and TK tells her that he found out about the truth behind her parents and his mother’s relationship. MN says that it’s a relief taht her father didnt abandon her mother. And she asks TK a favour, to make sure that MHR doesnt sing the song again because she doesnt want the song to be snatched away by MHR again. TK promises her. TK says that he is sorry, that she’s right, he only thought about his own pain.. that if he had stopped to look, he would have realised that she was the one who was experiencing more pain. MN says she cant say that she is ok at the moment, that for her now, it’s still very painful. She starts to walk off but TK grabs her hand. MN says that one day, somewhere in the future when she feels that it is ok, she will tell him then. She frees her hand and walks away. TK cries TTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT (i’m so heartbroken watching him like this TTTT i think there are more lines to this convo but i cant remember atm)

There is a time jump and we see newspaper articles.. HY has announced her breakup with TK and the real GMN has gone into action. Outside the company, fans are chanting… and they are commenting how lately they are really into GMN. How GMN has the charisma of TK, is smooth and talks well like SW and cute like jeremy. In the house, Mn’s aunt is talking ot manager ma. She thinks back tot he time when MN was around how jeremy always held celebration parties and how SW would pour her tea etc. Manager ma says that GMN should know where MN was right? MN’s aunt says that he should but MN told him not to tell anyone so she doesnt know either. manager ma says that GMN really listens to MN because she put up with so much for him.

In the van, jeremy, SW and TK are talking. Jeremy says that GMN keeps using his motorbike which annoys him. He’s on the ANjell fan cafe and reads out loud that there’s a post by someone called Pig rabbit with the title “I’m ok”. TK snatches his laptop off him and clicks into the post. It is of MN saying “what should i do?” with her side of her face facing the camera. Tk tells jeremy and SW that this si MN. Jeremy says that the vid was just uplaoded from some noraebang.. and that lately there are lots of noraebangs taht allow you to record yourself singing and upload online straightaway there. So they contact manager ma who tells them that he found out it’s a noraebang from hong dae (the area around teh hong ik university in seoul where there are lots of young ppl). They head to hongdae to look for MN. TK at first stays in the car and he says to himself, you said you will tell me when you’re ok, so this is the way you tell me? He’s annoyed. He says, FINE then i wont see you. I just wont see you then. he repeats few times then says i cant NOT see you. He gets off the van and goes searching for her as well.

the 3 of them walk around looking for MN while screaming fan girls follow them around. MN meanwhile is walking in the area as well

Big THANKS to Cecilia@soompi for the summary!


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